Hey Toronto people we can now tell you about two shows that are happening TOMORROW and THE NEXT DAY:

Tuesday we’re playing at the Rivoli with the always awesome S.H.I.T.   The show is 19+, tickets are $10 and you can buy them here starting Monday at 10am.  About 10 years ago we played the Rivoli, recorded our set and released it on a 12″.  We’re gonna be recording this show too and hopefully releasing it at some point, should be fun (for us at least).  Playing old and new shit, good vibes.



AND BEFORE THAT ON MONDAY we’re playing a free show at Sonic Boom which is ALL AGES. For this we’re gonna play Glass Boys front to back, which we already did once in Toronto, but it was before anyone knew what the record sounded like, so this will be more fun.  And Leon Taheny, who helped engineer Glass Boys is going to be playing second drums to try and kind of recreate the fast and slow vibe on the record.




AT BOTH THESE GIGS we’ll have limited numbers of this 7″ below, which was recorded during the Glass Boys sessions and features two tracks “Blink” b/w “The Way We Did” that you won’t find anywhere else.  500 pressed.  Come get one.  On the cover is the wonderful Will Munro who left us way too soon.   Come grab that and/or a copy of Glass Boys and have fun.




blink_Final 7inch Label copy

New Store & Blink 7″

You didn’t think we were just going to release a new full-length LP with an additional deluxe version that had an alternate drum pass and just leave it at that right?  C’mon you know us better than that by now.  We’re gonna have a few Glass Boys sessions 7″s coming out this summer.  The first one you can pre-order today at our new merch store:  Our store has 100 copies for sale and the rest will be available next week in Toronto at some things and on our tour in Europe in a couple weeks.  And that’s probably it.  500 copies total.  This is an FU self-release, FU:012 if you’re counting.


The record has “Blink” b/w “The Way We Did”, two songs we recorded during the Glass Boys sessions and maybe should’ve made the record because they are really good.  The songs are about subcultures and growing up in the Toronto scene.  On the cover of the record is a picture of Will Munro, a notorious Toronto personality who left us way too soon.  You can read about his outsized influence on Toronto culture in this book Army of Lovers by Sarah Liss.  Included in the record is something that Mike wrote about Will on Looking For Gold that you can read here.

More info on the other 7″s later this summer…


Led By Hand

If you missed it on the front page you can download LED BY HAND which is the second track we’re putting out off of Glass Boys by following us on Twitter.  If you don’t do twitter or don’t want to be bothered by us then you can watch/listen here:

Then do it this way:

And then watch this:



I have nothing to left to hide
Watched the flower wilt
Disrobed of all my pride
Left shackled with all the guilt

Living under a guise
Wouldn’t have made it on my own
Without the aid of the wise
Even the bravest heroes have died alone

We all make the same mistakes
Yet we all pass it on
We only care for our own sake

Aimless they sling their barbs
Blind to the offence
Why is it so hard
To shed yourself of the arrogance?

Ashamed of the past
‘Cause at one point that was me
Fascinatingly fast
Anger blossoms out of insecurities

We all know all the steps
We’ll be damned if we dance along
We’ll never be in their debt
Wish you were here all along

Follow you around

Now it’s alright

Treated so severely
With defiance you resist
Now I see it clearly
You made a believer out of an atheist

Can’t say that they’ll get better
‘Cause I don’t know if and when
Our suffering gives them amusement
We’ll live this life for revenge

We all know the steps
We’ll be damned if we dance along
We’ll never be in their debt
Wish you were here all along

Follow you around

Now it’s alright
I’ve gained new insight

Big Day

Today we can tell you a bunch of stuff about Glass Boys.



IT’S OUT JUNE 3 in Canada/US (June 2 in the UK).

Echo Boomer
Touch Stone
Sun Glass
The Art Of Patrons
Warm Change
Paper The House
Led By Hand
The Great Divide
Glass Boys

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