Polar Vortex

Our show in Austin tomorrow is being moved from The Mohawk outside to Red 7 inside because it’s supposed to be like 25 degrees, which in American is pretty uncomfortably cold.  And if you’re driving to the show, please, be careful.

Get some of the rare stuff


Whenever we put out records we always stockpile a few just for occasions like this. Right now you can buy all of the records you see below for one set price, no bidding, no haggling, no nonsense. All of the money from the sale is going to support Idle No More and Defenders of the Land, two groups building an Indigenous-led movement to transform Canada. You can get the whole package for $260, which is pretty reasonable when you look at how much each of these records go for on their own. There are just two of these packages so move on it! If you’re gonna spend stupid money on FU records you might as well do it here.


Exciting news!

We’re thrilled to be back at Coachella this year with so many of our favourite Canadian bands.  We’re playing first on the smallest stage on the last day just before Moxy Fruvous!


285 Kent

We’re pleased to say that we’ll be playing the last show at 285 Kent in Brooklyn on Jan 19. Read about the venue closing HERE. We loved that place.  get your tix over here



ps hopefully i’ll be cicada3301 by then

2014 things

Texas Flier


2014 is gonna be a big one for us, some new zodiacs are coming out and a new LP is gonna drop in June.  We’ll have more info on that later.  First though just a quick note about some shows we’re doing in Texas just to briefly escape the Canadian winter hell. Let’s talk more soon.


Our show next week in Fresno has been moved to San Luis Obispo.  And we’ve got some new shows to announce, this one with the poster below in kind of suburban Toronto and then a one-off gig in Calgary in November.  See fuckedup.cc/shows for all the infos.