Year of the Hare… the “video”

harestillWe’ve got a weirdo video out today for Year of the Hare. Check it at

It’s interactive, you have to use your keyboard to see it all, it’s supposed to be fun and maddening, but probably less maddening than sitting thru a 21 minute video which was the other option.

Mike sums it up all pretty well in an interview here:

Big thanks to Trevor Blumas who directed and acted in it.  Damian Lebiedzkinski who helped get it funded.  And Jordan Shaw who did the digital development.

the ZODIAC tour

FU Zodiac Logo2 For the last few weeks we’ve been working on a new live show, which is something that Fucked Up has never really done for. We’re going to be playing shows this spring and summer joined by our friends in DOOMSQUAD, so we’ll be a 9-person band, playing songs from the zodiac series of records that we’ve been banging out for like 7+ years.  Hopefully you’ll like it.   If you don’t know much about our zodiac stuff, you can catch up on this new website thingy we’ve got going on over at fudoom_1_smaller   AND here’s where we’ll be doing all that stuff:   Zodiac Poster USA Zodiac Tour Poster EURO     Also remember we’ve got Year of the Hare coming out on Deathwish records in June.  Here’s the b-side from that record, called “California Cold”: on stereogum      hare

Year of the Hare


Fucked Up “Year of the Hare” 12”EP announced, due out on Deathwish June 16th

In stores June 16th, 2015.

Pre-ordering information will be posted shortly.

Track Listing:
01. Year of the Hare (21:38)
02. California Cold (8:21)