New Store & Blink 7″

You didn’t think we were just going to release a new full-length LP with an additional deluxe version that had an alternate drum pass and just leave it at that right?  C’mon you know us better than that by now.  We’re gonna have a few Glass Boys sessions 7″s coming out this summer.  The first one you can pre-order today at our new merch store:  Our store has 100 copies for sale and the rest will be available next week in Toronto at some things and on our tour in Europe in a couple weeks.  And that’s probably it.  500 copies total.  This is an FU self-release, FU:012 if you’re counting.


The record has “Blink” b/w “The Way We Did”, two songs we recorded during the Glass Boys sessions and maybe should’ve made the record because they are really good.  The songs are about subcultures and growing up in the Toronto scene.  On the cover of the record is a picture of Will Munro, a notorious Toronto personality who left us way too soon.  You can read about his outsized influence on Toronto culture in this book Army of Lovers by Sarah Liss.  Included in the record is something that Mike wrote about Will on Looking For Gold that you can read here.

More info on the other 7″s later this summer…